Hospice care is a new and growing concept in veterinary medicine. The role of hospice is to provide your pet with a peaceful end of life experience. It is designed to help your beloved pet through the last stage of life and live a dignified, pain free life for as long as possible. If you have received a terminal diagnosis for your pet and choose not to pursue aggressive or curative treatments, or if your pet suffers from aging related conditions hospice care, or Pawspice care as it is sometimes called, should be considered.

A terminal diagnosis is scary, but hospice services can give you time to make decisions and assess the situation. If you have an aging pet, hospice services can make a positive impact on your pet’s attitude and well being by incorporating multi-modal pain medication, environmental modifications, and addressing nutritional needs and cognitive changes.

Pet Hospice is a personalized support system for you and your pet and is meant to help transition from good living to a good death. It always incorporates the family into the process and takes into consideration their needs, schedules and abilities. Hospice services may be provided for days, weeks, months or in some cases even years, depending on the condition. At any time when quality of life can no longer be maintained in-home euthanasia is always an option to help you say goodbye in the comfort of your pet’s home.

Some conditions that are appropriate for hospice care include:

  • Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Aging related cognitive changes
  • Incurable organ failure
  • Aging pets reaching the end of their natural life

Whether hospice care is appropriate for you pet is decision that can be made between you and your veterinarian. Together you can decide whether hospice is the right approach for your pet.